View Full Version : Good deal???

January 21, 2001, 03:16 PM
Some time back, I put out the word that I was in the market for a used, in good condition, Browning Citori. Last week, I got the word that there was a great looking one waiting for me at a local gun shop. I went to look at her and found that it was (as described on Browning’s homepage as based on the serial number .. 11231PM143 ) a 1980 manufactured, special trap grade 1 with raised rib and a Monte Carlo stock and a second single barrel. The previous owner stated that no more than 200 rounds were fired through it and it indeed seems that way. The finish on the stock, receiver and both barrels are as new and the receiver opens kind of stiff as a new one would. Fits great, points great, shoots great.

I paid $1395 for the gun with 2 barrels and a real nice hard case but later had reservations if I paid too much for a “new” 1980 model. I also wonder how well the quality of this 1980 (Japan) gun is compared to a 2000 Japan gun. Also, anyone know what the “grade 1” stands for?

What do you folks think? Good deal? Quality of manufacture?