View Full Version : Custom MAC-10 & Cobray M11/9 acc.

AutoWerkes Mfg.
January 20, 2001, 10:45 PM
After months of delays, our new website is finally back online:

We design and manufacture custom accessories for the MAC-10 and Cobray M11 series of weapons.

Upper receivers w/ fully adjustable HK ghost-ring sights for all models/calibers (pat-pend).
Forward handles for all models/calibers.
Improved recoil buffers for all models/calibers.
Second-generation 'drop-in' cyclic rate-reducers for the M11/9smg (pat-pend).
M11/9 72rd drum mags (no longer in production/selling out inventory).
We also have a very small supply of M11/9STEn converted, TX/SWD MAC-10/9, PS MAC-10/9 & S&W-76 drums left in inventory.

All products are expertly TIG welded and are flawless inside and out.
All of our products carry our lifetime warranty against defects and are guaranteed to work.

Much more info is available at our website.

We just became aware of this gunboard, looks real good.
Thanks for reading.

4V50 Gary
January 21, 2001, 02:18 AM
We have a few rules at TFL. One is respectful discourse. The second is no spam. It's quite another to talk about a product, its merits, its foibles, its advantages over the competition's. That's healthy discourse. However, spam is spam and we're not Monty Python. Closed.