View Full Version : Flashlight 'mount'. Will this even work?

January 19, 2001, 06:13 PM
I just added a two-round Choate extension to my 9200A1. Naturally, it comes with a barrel clamp with loop style sling mount. On a whim, I whipped out my Scorpion light and tried something.

I mounted the clamp to the mag tube, and I suspended the light from underneath it clenched between the smaller of the two arms. I butted the switch end of the light up against the leading edge of the forend. When I hold it in a normal firing grasp, my index finger can easily activate it momentarily, or click it to ON. I have yet to see if it will hold up under recoil.

January 19, 2001, 07:56 PM
Don't think it will hold up.

(Humorous story: Dug an almost-new TacStar light with ribbon switch out of the trash at the range. The model is based upon the Scorpion -- lens housings interchange, etc., -- but it permits access to the butt end. Previous owner probably owned a Maglite, so when his shotgun blew the bulb on the TacStar he pulled off its bottom, popped the plastic disk with a spring which makes contact with the batteries, and rooted around for the spare bulb . . . and snapped the link to the switch. The spare bulb was hiding under metal cap on the bulb holder, of course.)

Scorpions and AR15s seem to go well together, but the thump of a shotgun requires something along the lines of a SureFire with a shock bezel. Personally, I prefer the 3P because the single battery puts less of a hurting on the bulb assembly under recoil, it is plenty bright for inside the house use, and its weight does not screw up the balance (or functioning) of a light shotgun like a 1201FP.