View Full Version : Hogue 10 rd. drum mag and 5 rd. box mag. for 870

January 19, 2001, 05:22 PM
In the last issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement there was a brief notice about this new product from Hogue, the handgun grip people. It consists of an adapter bracket that fits over or into the loading port (on the bottom), and accepts either a 10 round drum, like the Streetsweeper drum magazine, or a detachable 5 round box magazine. I'm not sure I have any use for the large drum magazine, but the ability to laod five rounds via a box magazine is very appealing. It would be great for the "select slug" drill.

I couldn't find anything about it on the Hogue website. Does anyone have any advance info?

January 20, 2001, 01:26 PM
Yep, saw/handled it at the SHOT show. Of course it wasn't at the Hogue booth, the inventor had his own booth. (he also invented the compstock recoil reducer for shotguns which Hogue markets) Right now there is only ONE prototype. The adaptor which goes over the loading port was rather bulky, IMO. But it certainly has applications!

Now if I could only get my speedfeed setup to work correctly on my Benelli, I would be all set!


4V50 Gary
January 21, 2001, 02:35 AM
If they're going to ban it, buy one! Actually, our saying as rookies was if you put a price tag on it, a cop will buy it.