View Full Version : Ranger Double Barrel SG

January 19, 2001, 11:46 AM
Who manufactured the Ranger double barrel shotguns? What kind of quality? Is $275 a good ballpark price. There's one in a gunstore here and it looks interesting but I'd like more info before jumping in. TIA

Harley Nolden
January 19, 2001, 01:09 PM
According to my records Eastern Arms made a Ranger Dbl Bbl for Sears Roebuck & Co of Chgo. Opinion, the $275.00 might be a little high, $200.00 might be more like it.


January 19, 2001, 01:51 PM
I figured it was either Sears or Montgomery Wards -- never heard of Eastern Arms. I'll check the action again and maybe make a low ball offer. Its been in the store a while so they might want to see it gone. Thanks again.

Dave McC
January 20, 2001, 05:55 AM
Savage/Stevens also made a Ranger double, a stout and serviceable weapon of little beauty but decent quality and ruggedness. It ran heavy.

Had one as a family shotgun, worked it over into a Lupara. There'a an old thread here about that.

$275 is too high, IMO...

January 20, 2001, 08:53 AM
It was in fact a Savage/Stevens per the shop owner as he was selling it to another guy. I was thinking it over and another guy came up specifically looking for just such a shotgun and he wasn't waffling. I learned a little more about double barrel shotguns. It went for $225 -- San Diego.