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Hot Core
January 19, 2001, 07:48 AM
Just another case where the combined intelligence of PETA adds up to "ZERO"! And a big ole "Pat-on-the-Back" to Mr.Guy Lockey!.........Hot Core

PETA Fails in Attempt to Thwart Hunters Assoc. Press (Columbus, OH)

If you are familiar with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), then you are aware of the fact they will do almost anything to protect animals. This year's efforts to save Ohio's deer from the annual statewide gun season has backfired.

For safety's sake, hunters in Ohio are required by law to display at least 400 square inches of hunter's blaze orange on their person when in the woods. Capitalizing on the fact that hunters do not usually shoot orange, PETA recently bulk purchased blaze orange vests and have been affixing them to live-trapped deer in Youngstown suburbs. According to PETA spokesperson Katie Reese, a total of 405 vests were successfully put into circulation prior to this week, with additional specimens still being caught and vested.

Youngtown entrepreneur Guy Lockey, of Guy's Outdoors has spit in the face of PETA by offering rewards for the returned vests this week. Hunters who can successfully bag a vested deer can pay $5 for random and biggest animal awards. As of Tuesday, 308 of the vests had already been recorded as bagged with most of the hunters registering for Mr. Lockey's drawing.

It's so easy, you can see them coming a mile away" said one first year hunter after checking in his first spike buck.

ODNR officials are worried that the poorly thought out plan by PETA might get somebody shot instead of saving the deer. "Hunters have turned their plan upside down, we're just hoping that nobody gets hurt and are hoping that none of the vested animals get tangled in brush" said an unnamed ODNR official. "PETA has really outdone itself this time." Ohio's statewide gun season is open to shotguns only and is scheduled to close on Saturday.

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core

January 19, 2001, 09:14 AM
That has to be one of the funniest/stupidest things those [PETA] morons have come up with!!! ROTFLMAO!!! :D :D :D

Thanks for the posting! It gave me a good laugh!

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

January 19, 2001, 09:33 AM
PETA ought to be charged with Wildlife Harrassment. I think they should be sent pictures of the deer they helped kill as well. Sure would be a lot easier hunting them that way.

January 19, 2001, 12:32 PM
They have to be the dumbest bunch of MFer's in the world!!!

"are you a damn moron?? did you flunk out of the 3rd grade?? then we have the organization for you, JOIN PETA TODAY!!!"

They would have been smarter to saw the antlers off of all the bucks, and fit the other deer with advantage, or some other camo pattern. Also used a non-toxic hair dye to dim-down the white areas that stand out like a sore thumb. Man these people are so far beyond fricken ignorant, I can't even hardly fathom it!!!

January 19, 2001, 03:21 PM
That is seriously dangerous.

Al Thompson
January 19, 2001, 03:38 PM
I love it! Maybe we can get some of these idiots to do that here. Make it a bunch eaiser come opening day. I know my buddy in Indiana would appreciate it.

Anybody notice that few PETA folks try things like that down South? Or throw blood on bikers wearing leather jackets? Bunch of cowards..


January 19, 2001, 04:45 PM
I would return the bloody vests back to PETA, with the holes in them, and pictures of their deer wearing hunter orange. With a wink and a smile I'd said "This was fun, what say we do it again next year??" ;):D

I would also SERIOUSLY consider having a partial or full body mount wearing the vest. That would be one helluva conversation piece.:D

January 19, 2001, 05:24 PM
LMAO!! Thanks Hot Core for starting Friday afternoon off well!!

Art Eatman
January 19, 2001, 06:03 PM
It just goes to show you the dangers of Genetic Experimentation. PETA members are living proof that you can reshape the embryo of a chimpanzee into human appearance, but, unfortunately, without human intelligence.

How sad.


January 19, 2001, 07:00 PM
Thought I was just about done laughing until I read Art's post! :D

Please stop!!!

January 19, 2001, 07:19 PM
Hey all I am a member of P. E. T. A. (People Eating Taste animals) and proud to be!:) :)
I wish them stupid peat (the other bunch) would come down to MD and place the vest on the deer around my home

January 19, 2001, 10:20 PM
I think PETA members should only wear brown Carharts during deer season!!!!

Hot Core
January 20, 2001, 07:19 AM
Hey CD1, Excellent question about why the PETA fools are not being slapped into jail for wildlife harrassment. Anybody have a friend or relative living near there who could ask the ODNR for us?

Hey Giz, I've never had one of the PETA folks approach me either. I spend a good bit of time in Camo and my SIZE does not make me hard to spot in a croud. ;^)

Hey BadMedicine, That full Deer body mount with the "Ventilated" Blaze Orange Vest is an excellent suggestion for a "PETA Memorial". Seems to me it would fit right in there at Mr. Lockey's Sporting Goods Store.

Hey Art, Had no idea at all that you could so "clearly" explain "WHY" the PETA folks are the way they are. YOU DA MAN!!!! HA HA HA HA HA

Hey all you other folks, Don't you just love it when ANY of these Clintonites act on their own ideas AND we get to see the results?!?!?!?

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core

Jeff Thomas
January 20, 2001, 01:43 PM
... I'd still like to hunt elk in Arizona. Now, I realize elk are pretty big, but I think this plan could really improve my odds.

Does anyone know who I'd contact in Arizona to get elk marked like this? And, for a small donation to PETA, do you think they'd mark a really big one for me? It would be even better if I could pick out the elk, and then PETA would tag him ...

This is a real service to hunters, and I think we shouldn't be so hard on these nice PETA folks ... ;) ;) ;)

Regards from (LMAO) AZ

January 20, 2001, 11:42 PM
i saw this article a couple o weeks ago and tried to find it online on a newpaper site
the version i saw had an AP credit

me thinks this is a gag story

think about you trapping & putting a vest on a deer.

Then think about PETA folks doing it



Don Gwinn
January 21, 2001, 10:41 PM
Sorry, I just had to check the Onion and make sure it didn't come from there. It didn't, but it was worth the trip since they had a list of firearm safety tips:

If it's real, it's pretty damn funny. If it's fake, it's still pretty damn funny. :D

January 22, 2001, 01:49 AM
Anyone have a link to the original Article?

Hot Core
January 22, 2001, 03:52 PM
Hey Zorro, It was sent to me in an email from a friend who got it from a friend, etc. I've no idea at all if it is a true story, hadn't even considered it being a joke until I read "dZ's" post.

So, if anyone does know anyone in that part of Ohio, how 'bout giving them a call and see if it is true or not.

Didn't mean to mislead you guys at all. My impression of PETA is similar to the thoughts expressed in Art's post, so it just never really crossed my mind that it might be a big joke.

We have had two separate cases in the past year near me where PETA folks were jailed because of "Animal Abuse". One was a woman near Rock Hill, SC who had something like 400 cats "inside" her house. I believe I saw on the news in just the last day or so where only 2 of the cats could be saved.

Another incident had to do with another woman but she had a whole bunch of cats, dogs and horses. Everything was starving, except her.

So, the story really wouldn't surprise me if it is true, but I do not know if it is or not.

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core

January 23, 2001, 02:02 PM
This could be a dangerous situation only if people screw up and forget that you always have to be certain of the target, no matter what kind of "shoot me" sign it's wearing. Beyond that, I love it!

January 23, 2001, 05:07 PM
Why don't those PETA fools do something for humans. Go down into the "hood" and help out some disadvantaged youth.

Because deer are for "eatin."

Bud Helms
January 23, 2001, 08:44 PM
Item number 10 from the Onion (http://theonion.com/onion3701/firearm_safety_tips.html) article

"Shoot a puppy at point-blank range to illustrate to your children the seriousness of guns."

THAT is sick. Not funny.