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January 19, 2001, 03:44 AM
I'm recent to this forum, so please bear with me if this topic has already been addressed.

In light of the spread of mad-cow disease in Europe, the feds are considering adding (to the already in place ban on blood donations from folks who've lived in Europe more than six months) a ban on blood donated by hunters. This because of endemic chronic wasting disease in deer and elk populations - mad-deer disease, if you will...

I suspect that the SC and PETA folks will jump on this.

Do any of you consume dear and elk meat regularly? Are you concerned about this illness?

Al Thompson
January 19, 2001, 07:44 AM
As I type, a venision stew is in the crock pot. :)

Until the disease gains ground where I hunt, it's not a concern. Right now I have limited information on the specific vectors.

Good practices for all game handling include washing your hands.

As far as the political aspects, anti's will jump on any excuse.


Hot Core
January 19, 2001, 07:57 AM
A day without Venison is like a... Huuuummm, don't know, eat too much venison to know what it's like not to eat it.

If you come real close to the screen, you might be able to smell the venison cube steak, hot biscuits, gravy, eggs, grits, hash browns and sliced tomatoes that made up breakfast. Been putting on a bit of weight, so I'm considering backing off a bit on those darn "sliced tomatoes"!!!

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core

January 19, 2001, 09:36 AM

Im reading this at work, its early, I havent had any breakfast....thats not nice. I too regularly partake of my four hooved friend the whitetail. I am not worried about it.

January 19, 2001, 09:41 AM
I really don't worry about this at all. Living may be dangerous to your health...:)
Radiation from computer screens may rot brain, for all I know...
I'd rather die of mad deer disease than prostate cancer...

January 19, 2001, 12:04 PM
You take the entire hind quarter, stuff it with garlic, and tabasco peppers, inject it with my "special" seasoning with a Cajun Injector (looks like a super big hypodermic needle) then cover the outside with Tony Cacheries Cajun Seasoning and let it marinate overnight in the fridge. Next morning early, brown it in a pot big enough to hold it (I have a magnalite[thats supposed to be dangerous too magnalites] big enough to fit over 2 burners on the stove) hen cover it with water and cook all day long until tender. Add water if necessary. When its almost done cook the juices down till they are kind of of thick and serve that gravy over rice! Now after I ahve gone to all this trouble does anyone honestly think I will not eat it? :D:D:D
Got a hellofa receipe for deer sausage too! :D

Art Eatman
January 19, 2001, 01:25 PM
Governments exist to control; regulators are in business to regulate. That's what they do. Nowhere on the driver's license of any of them is there a box to be checked off saying, "Smart".

And most PETA types can't even get a government job.

So, pressing on regardless, with the mission of protecting us from ourselves in the name of "public health", they will use all their accumulated wisdom and make us safe, as typified by the twit who decided we need labels on the tops of stepladders.

It's the same sort of non-think as gave Kalifornia their present situation vis a vis electricity.

:), Art

January 19, 2001, 06:20 PM
I'm worried Hot Core and Southlal may have too much venison on their hands. Hate to see any go to waste. Sounds good.

Hot Core
January 19, 2001, 06:56 PM
Hey Romulus, I got so caught up in Giz's cooking, I went over the edge myself.

Actually, I've not seen a thing about the Mad Cow Disease getting into our Deer herd. But, I will keep my eyes open for anything about it. Never crossed my mind mind until your post.

Now, we are in a Rabies Epidemic here in the Carolinas. In 4 adjoining counties (including where I live) there were right at 500 "Reported" Cases of Rabid critters in 2000. It has grown by about 100/year for the past 3 years.

So, if you see Critters out walking around when you expect them to be sleeping (Racoons in particular), or regular animals (dogs, cats) acting wierd, be careful.

Hey guys, I don't take all that many Deer any more. I've cut back to 3 freezers (which I refill each year) but, I no longer have to file the Environmental Impact Statements when I go hunting. ;^)

By the way, the person that invented the Crock Pot (kind of a high-falutin form of Southla1's magnalite) deserves some kind of Special Recognition Award in my opinion. Wash some potatoes, carrots and onions off, dice them up in the Crock Pot(only peel the onions, no need to bother peeling the potatoes and carrots), lay a Venison Roast (neck, shoulder or rump) on top of the "pile"(technical cooking term for the diced vegies), don't add water at all, cut on "LOW" at around 6PM. Go visit your "Honey" and do not return home until sunrise or thereafter and it is ready to eat.

The reason you leave the house, is because the "aroma" will cause you to wake up with your head in a gallon or so of drool. ;^)

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core

January 20, 2001, 12:27 AM
I wouldn't worry.

Even IF you have been eating a lot of rare infected venison your chance of getting it are about 1 in a Million!

It's just that considering the lack of real threats to life long shots like this are sensationalized to create news, and sell papers.

You are FAR more likely to die in a traffic crash, or choke to death on your dinner!

I am not worried and I have eaten a LOT of rare British Beef!