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January 15, 2001, 04:15 PM
I'm sure this has been discussed before so forgive me for asking but...I have a 590 20" with GR, and wanted some feedback on there expected reliability / longevity. The 590 gets a min of 400 rds of OOB and 50 slugs per year. As an aside, I've put over six years in on an old style 500 with this many rounds per year and only retired it due to excessive wear on the finish. Beating around in shotgun rack did not due the finish any good. Can't be helped. Are there better pumps out there? What's the deal with the 870's? What ever made them appear to be the better gun. Why do some gun writers like them so much? Are they a better weapon than a 590? What about Semi Auto's. Any out there that can stand to be beat around in a car for weeks and still function?
Talk to me Goose!
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Dave McC
January 15, 2001, 04:43 PM
Most Police and Correctional agencies go with the 870 because of its unmatched record for reliability and performance.IMO, it's the best pump gun ever made, even better than the legendary Models 12 and 97 Winchester.

One of mine is not much less than 50 years old. It serves as my HD shotgun which tell you how much I trust it.