View Full Version : Patternmaster "Police Fist"?

January 15, 2001, 10:17 AM
I'm in the market for one of their buckshot choke tubes.

Went up to the Inpromark website, and it appears they no longer sell directly to the public.

If you've got one, where did you find it, and what did you pay? Oh, and how do you like it? TIA.

January 15, 2001, 08:09 PM
Not sure where you got your information but Patternmaster has not stopped selling to the general public. Currently they are not shipping, period, due to the fact that their machine shop contract manufacturer screwed them by literally ignoring a shipping deadline. This occurred last year in the September timeframe. Patternmaster was blindsided by this event and is currently trying to get adequate manufacturing capacity to continue with sales.

You can probably get one quite easily from Cabela's. I have seen them advertised in their catalog many times. Give them a call or try their web page - www.cabelas.com.

The "standard" tube, which you can get at Cabela's is good for the buck size shot while their "Supreme" tube is more designed for shot of all size.

There is another member of TFL that has one of the standard tubes and boasts some pretty small patterns, something like 5" at 25 yards. Use the search feature to look for "Patternmaster" and you should be able to find the thread in which we discussed these tubes.

I have one of the "supreme" tubes on order for my Benelli. Can't wait to get it, although it might be quite a while. :(