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January 15, 2001, 12:54 AM
I have never hunted bear, but Iwas told that when you bow hunt bear, the guide has the back-up sidearm.
Is this true?
If I were hunting bear, I would want the back-up sidearm on my person!!!!!!

January 15, 2001, 03:23 AM
Yes, of course the guide will always (nearly) carry his backup gun, and maybe a pistol too. And I have never heard of anyguide not allowing a hunter to wear a pistol as backup also. Granted, they probably wont give you theirs to wear, but I'm sure they'd have no problem with you bringing one along. I would check ahead though, and if they disallow it, politly reject the hunt, and let him know it was his ill-regard for your safety that made up your mind.

PS, when you're paying big-bucks for a hunt, it is YOUR HUNT. Shop around until you can find a guide that will acomodate all your REASONABLE needs. I consider a backup gun, for saftys sake, very reasonable.


I'm stupid, my appologies. On my first reply, I missed the "bow hunt" part. Some states do not allow a hunter to carry a gun, even a side arm, in Bow only hunts. GUIDES however, are not hunting, and are not affected by this rule, kinda a loop=hole, so they are allowed to carry a gun, since they are not hunting, for "self defense," you know, like if a wounded bear attacks them:D Some guides also have areas that, because of terrain, and or wildlife conditions, only allow bow-hunt in that area. They would not want someone to loose of a wild shot, and then quickly follow it up with six shots from a .44, in their bow area. This all of course depends on the area, the hunt regulations, and your guide, but I would definatly ask them about this before booking any plans.