View Full Version : Paramount .32acp Browning copy

Oleg Volk
January 12, 2001, 12:55 PM
Is it any good (accurate? reliable?)
Can spare magazines be found?
How back is the recoil?
Any site with weight/capacity info?
Is it drop-safe?
(My Zhuk book is out onloan)

Would $100 be too much for it (thinking of getting it for mom as a house gun in place of Colt Hammerless 1908 which I can't find; currently a Buckmark is used)

James K
January 13, 2001, 08:48 PM
Hi, Oleg,

The name has been used by a number of gun makers, but I suspect what you have is a little .32 pistol made in the 1920s in Spain. I forget the actual maker, but maybe someone will know. $100 is only about $99.99 too much. The guns are pretty much junk although some work OK for a while. I would use it only in an emergency or maybe for a paperweight (and I prefer better quality paperweights). I certainly would not depend on it.

No parts are available; no magazines are available unless something happens to fit.

As for shooting, it is a small, .32 caliber, blowback pistol. There is not much else to say. Stick with the Colt or the Buckmark. Better, find a good S&W, Colt or Ruger DA revolver.