View Full Version : Columbia Cascades USPSA Sectional Match 2013

August 12, 2013, 03:03 AM

I can sum up my performance (or lack of) due to one thing. Lack of confidence. We started on Stage 4, and after getting a miss on two consecutive stages, I lost all confidence in my shooting ability and slowed down unnecessarily hoping to get my hits. My overall time was 2-3 seconds slower than all the other Masters in the match. I should have shaken the feeling off and shot the match like I could have.

Every stage after the first two, I thought too much about getting my hits and stressed over it. I have to learn how to let go. That and getting a total of four misses and two no-shoots (on the last stage), didn't do well for my placement.

That said, Keith Tyler and gang put up a fantastic match in a gorgeous range. Every bay has it's own covered area where we can relax in the sun and hydrate. Also, thanks to Omar Newbury and Larry Watson for running the squad through all the stages.