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January 8, 2001, 06:51 PM
I'm interested in getting my first shotgun (I have shot before, and currently own an AR, looking to add something that will be a little more PC for hunting), and i am primarily looking at the Remington 870 Express combo package with a 28" Remchoke Vent Rib and a 20" Improved cylinder Rifle Sighted barrel. MSRP is $436, Dealer price is $320, and Wally World sells Remington guns at approximately dealer price in my area. (I am looking at the first package on this page: http://www.remington.com/firearms/shotguns/870excmb.htm)

My primarily interests:
Sports involving clay pigeons (using the 28" barrel)
Home Defense (using the 20" barrel, my AR15 is a little over-penetrating for my area)
Probably deer and bird hunting in the future.

I would like to add a 3 shot magazine extension and a 6 shot side saddle after doing the appropriate modifications. Also, i plan on changing the safety.
Am i able to use the original magazine parts (spring, cap, etc) to revert the gun back to the 4 shot capacity after drilling/removing the tube dimples?
How much do i have to remove from the left side of the slide to use the 6 shot magazine extension?
What do i have to purchase to change the safety? Just the safety, or do i need the detents and such?

Is this a good setup/price for my applications?

(This is my first post on TFL)

Dave McC
January 9, 2001, 06:06 AM
First, it's a great shotgun,and at a reasonable price.

Second,it's a great setup for HD or sports,but...

I find it a pain to have to change back and forth,so I just went ahead and got more 870s.

Also, zero disappears when the bbl comes off.

My approach gives one 870 for clay sports, wingshooting and fun, and a dedicated HD/Deer hunting tool. Actually, I've separate 870s for deer and HD, but that's overkill mission and budget wise.

As for the sidesaddle, I went and cut off one round instead of modifying the forearm.

January 9, 2001, 06:25 AM
Instead of adding the mag extension and sidesaddle. Spend the money on some ammo and range time. Get to know the gun and break it in. Try shooting some trap and skeet with it.

The mag extension and sidesaddle look cool but add nothing to the handling and usefulness of the gun. If you decide to go hunting with the gun in many locales you are limited to three shots in the gun. If you remove the dimples you will have a problem trying to plug the tube to two shots to make it legal.Mag extensions and sidesadles screw up the handling of the gun for clays.

In short, buy the gun and learn to use it before you start adding gadgets.

My $.02

Geoff Ross

January 9, 2001, 06:32 AM
It's hard to imagine a better package for the price than the Express combo.

The pump gun is considered a modest handicap at sporting clays when shooting doubles because of the need to pump the action. Most shooters can get off a smoother second shot with a semi and o/u. I wouldn't worry about this unless you are intending to be competitive or are obsessed with your scores. You might want to add a more open choke tube because the combo only comes with a modified and sporting clays is usually shot with an more open choke.

Depending on how familiar you are with the clay target games you might want to try a few rounds of trap first. Trap is a largely a single shot game and your modified choke will work well for 16 yards.

If you drill out the dimples in the mag tube you will not be able to use the plastic spring retainer. This is no big deal because older friction fit metal retainers are available or you can use the magazine cap to hold the spring in.

Welcome to the world of shotguns. You may find though that shotguns are addictive particularly once you start to inkblot those clay targets. No greater satisfaction to be found on a target range.

January 9, 2001, 06:58 AM
Unintentional double tap

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