View Full Version : suggestions for 12gauge semi auto

Jamie Young
January 8, 2001, 06:49 PM
Howdy folks I'm looking for suggestions for a Semi Auto 12gauge for home defense. When I think of 12ga all I know is the 870. I'd like to hear some suggestions? Unless you want to talk me back into a pump?

January 9, 2001, 10:18 AM
Echo what Erick said, although I do prefer my Benelli for the mere fact that more aftermarket accessories are available (i.e., Surefire Responder lights, etc.).

Other choices may include the Remington 1100 (hopefully it doesn't have that stupid integral key system) and the Mossberg 9200 shotguns. I have not heard anything about the Saiga or Lanber semi-autos that you see in Shotgun News.

As for talking you out of an auto, I don't think that's our job here. Just be aware of the advantages/disadvantages of each platform:


1. Easier one-handed operation (e.g., if your other hand is tied up opening doors or windows, guiding non-combatants to the safe room, etc.);
2. Easier operation from prone (rollover and supine included);
3. More expensive;
4. Can be ammo sensitive (gas guns if not cleaned, inertia guns if too many accessories).


1. See #1-2 above (as disadvantages);
2. Cheaper;
3. Not ammo sensitive BUT if user is not properly trained, can "short-shuck" under stress; and
4. Fewer legal restrictions on evil features.

I'm sure there are others that I missed. And remember, proper training can make up for a lot of the "disadvantages" of each platform -- for example, a properly trained pump user can shoot from prone without any problem whatsoever.