View Full Version : shot my first CMP match today.

June 15, 2013, 02:40 PM
it was loads of fun. I probably should have sighted in my M1 ahead of time though... 5 sighters just don't cut it. it was a small shoot, there is such a small group around here that they do all bolt and semi US service arms at once so I was a little concerned since more than half the other guys were using 1903A3s.

I was using my Springfield CMP service grade M1 which I haven't even fired except to perform a function test. took me most of the first battery to get dialed in but I finished 3rd place. there was less than a dozen shooters total but I'm content to brag about it for a while. as for my personal standards I feel like I did horribly. it may have been me, or the rifle or a combination of the two but something just didn't measure up with the size of groups I was getting. I doubt I'll shoot much more with this rifle... maybe one day I'll get a 1917 or 1903A3 and I'll see about competing with them but I think I'll just let my old springfield M1 be a safe queen for a while.

June 15, 2013, 03:42 PM
J.C. Garand matches are great fun. Good to hear you enjoyed it. Shooting a piece of history has a special appeal. The M1 can be a handful but is an excellent teacher of position.