View Full Version : Talked to my 870 Smith tonight....

Dave McC
January 5, 2001, 07:19 PM
For those who have been following the threads about the new keyed travesty of a safety, Flextab kits,etc, here's what I get from the smith who did forcing cones, Flextabs, and various and sundry work on my 870s....

First, he cannot get more Flextab kits but has some in stock. Unfortunately for those who want one of these, he's not doing any additional work right now, he's going to work for the Gumment as a firearms expert of some sort shortly.

However,like me,he regards proper loading procedure as a better option than weapon mods.

Second, he regards the keyed safety with a jaundiced eye, citing the First Rule of Pragmatic Engineers namely," If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Third,he states that used 870s are getting scarcer, tho there's still a gem here and there.He had bought a salvaged receiver about the same time I did, another old Md Pen recycle and plans on building a parts gun "One of these days" and thinks it's a great way to put one together cheaply.