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January 4, 2001, 08:42 AM
While over at my pa's house yesterday we got to talking guns and he proceded to empty some of the contents of his safe out on the floor. He bought a lot of these guns from stores like Walgreens and the likes when they were having closeout sales and getting out of the gun business. Most are still unfired and NIB. Here is just a short list(the stuff at the front of the safe) of guns he wanted to know what todays values are. The following are all unfired and NIB.

Browning BAR .308, good deal of engraving - Belgium

Browning A-5 Light twelve, some engraving - Belgium

Browning Mod. 78 octogon barrel 22-250 - Japan

Browning Citori 12ga. - Japan

Weatherby Laser Mark V 270 WM

Ithaca LSA-65 25-06

Winchester Super X Model 1

Winchester Mod. 12 (standard) 12ga. date of manufacter 1962 He actually has 2 of these, a close-out sale, paid $95 each for them.

Ruger Mod. 77V 220 Swift (no warning stamped on barrel)

Colt Sauer 30-06 det. mag.

These are just a few of the NIB guns he has, I'm glad I was able to talk him into buying a safe about 10 years ago. He used to just leave them stuffed under the bed and stacked in a closet. Some of these still have the factory gunk on them. Any help is appreciated....

James K
January 4, 2001, 10:58 PM
My suggestion, since these are all relatively new guns of known make and there are more, is to buy a copy of the Blue Book (www.bluebookinc.com) and use it as a price guide. It will cost $35, but will pay that back in getting a reasonably accurate valuation rather than guess work. Remember, the prices are retail, that is they are what a gun store will sell the gun for, not what they will pay for it, but I am assuming your father is not interested in selling at this time.

The book should give you a good idea on values, but treat it as a guide, not a list of fixed prices.