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AC's & 45's
January 3, 2001, 12:22 PM
What is the best all around use tube ? My new 870 Express came with a modfied tube. I am not sure what that really means. Will it hurt to shoot some OO buck through it to check the pattern. What is the usual distance to pattern a shot gun.

I intend to buy a short barrel for home defense but until I can afford that... . Also, what about slugs?

Oh man, I found out last night Mom is giving me Dad's old Wingmaster. I don't think the new ones even come close.
I hope to pick it up next Summer on our vacation to sunny Florida. C'mon June.... !

Dave McC
January 3, 2001, 01:01 PM
No harm will come to you from shooting either slugs or buck through a Modified choke, but results may or may not be satisfactory.

I pattern game loads at 25-40 yds, depending on use, Tactical loads at 25, and for HD I recommend measuring the longest possible shot inside your house and adding one yard, then patterning at that distance. Slugs I zero in and test at 50 yards, usually, tho I may stretch that to 100 yds next range trip.

I suggest getting both IC and Full choke tubes to round out your options. What you want for game and clays would be a 30 inch pattern at whatever distance the shot is. For HD, it's a moot point, the shot will hit as a semi solid mass regardless of what tube is in the bbl.

Enjoy both the Express and your legacy 870....