View Full Version : Any experience with Narconia Optics?

Pond, James Pond
March 31, 2013, 12:54 PM
Narconia are a German brand, although not one of any great standing. They make OK stuff. Airsoft and air-rifle sights, binoculars and telescopes etc.

Were I looking for a rifle sight, I would not bother.
However, I would like a spotting scope for my rifle shooting.
Those are often quite expensive.

My rifle scope is fine to see the target, but I struggle to see the holes at 100m. None of my binoculars and monoculars are powerful enough.

So instead, I've been lugging my entry-level astro-telescope to the range (A Meade ETX 70A). I can see fine with that, and I have a Barlow lens for extra power. Still, at full whack it only magnifies about 175x (including the Barlow lens).
When I move on the 300m range, I'm not sure it will cut the mustard (even though it did once give me a look at Saturn and its rings!! :cool:). The rifle scope certainly won't.

Now Narconia make the Norconia Astro 700×60 Dotsight (http://www.norconia.de/w/?p=390) which is a bit less bulky and can reach a whopping 525x magnification!!

At 60mm, its lens is a bit smaller than my Meade's 70mm glass so stargazing might suffer a bit, but a local shop has a new one at half price at €90, just because one of the screws was missing from the tripod: easily fixed.
Meade is arguably the better astro-telescope, but I have not properly used it for that for years.

So, any experience with any of their products?
Adequate brand at an affordable price, or junk that'll fail at the first hurdle?