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March 9, 2013, 05:47 PM
I committed the mortal sin of not getting a big enough safe. So I was faced with a dilemma. Admit to my wife that I had more guns than my safe would hold, say nothing and tuck the extras away in the closet and hope that she wouldn't notice or take out the shelves and just stuff 'em in there.

Fortunately, I found another way. I picked up some Rifle Rods at Cabela's and gave them a try. Lo and behold, I've got 31 long guns in a "26" gun safe. And there's room for probably another eight or ten guns without really jamming them together.

As it turns out, the carpeting in the Bighorn safe works just fine as "loop" material for the Velcro, so I didn't have to get the starter kit - just the slightly cheaper add-on rods. Access to the guns in the back is actually a little easier than with the traditional safe interior, although not quite as easy as the Store More Guns video on YouTube shows.

Most of my guns are bolt action milsurps - no ARs or AKs. There are a few lever action guns and a couple of SKS's, so they do fit together pretty closely. Calibers range from .22 up to a few 12 gauge shotguns.

The only drawback that I see is the price. They work out to about three bucks apiece if you buy them in the six-pack add-on package.