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December 31, 2000, 05:47 PM
So here I am. I finally shot my brand spanking new 870 yesterday while talking about joining Pinetucky Gun Club, here in Augusta, Ga on the trap range. I hit 7 out of 10 clays on the first ten shots. Wee Hoo!

The kid pulling, quite nice, says good going, "you're a natural." I then miss the next 15 out of fifteen.

I got the gun because I want to be the next generation of men who can kill their own meat (birds for me).

Lets make believe that one day i actually shoot my own quail, pheasant or even (yum) duck. Is there a way to prep the carcass so the meat does not go bad? All the people I have seen kill deer, slit their throats, and hang them upside down. Do I need to do something similar.

I cook quite extensively and feel that I can clean the skin and guts (help here though is appreciated too) easily, but what do I do to eat the things I shoot?

Dave McC
December 31, 2000, 06:03 PM
Congrats on the purchase, and the average will get better. Concentrate on the basics,and tell that punk kid to keep his mouth shut(G)....

Joy Of Cooking has some stuff on game prep, Hube, and every hunting camp has some pet recipes.

Pheasant responds well to a Coq Au Vin type recipe, or any wet recipe for chicken. Quail roast nicely, and dove breasts wrapped with bacon and grilled are a delight.