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December 31, 2000, 10:24 AM
Can civilians buy a Benelli M1 ENTRY 12 gauge (14" barrel, 35" overall length) or is it for Law Enforcement only? I am looking for a short lenth semi auto shotgun.

What is the recoil like on the Benelli M1 ENTRY? Is it manageable recoil?

Who sells the Benelli M1 ENTRY at a low price? I live in California? Is the pistol grip version legal in California?

Specs and pic of the shotgun is at this url:


December 31, 2000, 10:32 AM
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December 31, 2000, 10:41 AM
No **** Blain, I read the website. The website stated "available only to law enforcement or to holders of a special tax stamp". So what the hell is a holder of a special tax stamp? Can a civilian acquire the special tax stamp?

Don't bother answering again Blain. I don't need your sarcastic bull****.

December 31, 2000, 11:03 AM
Don't know the specifics of Kali state laws on Class III but Federal law says you can own an SBS (short barrelled shotgun) if you qualify. 4V50 Gary or others can fill you in on specifics of Kali law.
The special tax stamp is what the $200 tax actually is that you hear about all the time concerning Class III items. Any time a Class III item is transferred (between individuals or states) a tax stamp is required to the federal government. Go to the BATF website for more specific information from the source http://www.atf.treas.gov

December 31, 2000, 12:03 PM

If you do find a way to get the thing, please let me know how ya did it. I wouldn't mind getting one of those!

As far as I know, about the only way to get full auto, short barrel, or other unusual items in California is to incorporate an entity and get that entity to procure the items.

My uninformed 2 cents......

cuerno de chivo
December 31, 2000, 12:24 PM
no sbs in california.

December 31, 2000, 12:36 PM
>What is the recoil like on the Benelli M1 ENTRY? Is it manageable recoil?

I have a M1 tactical, with the 18.5" barrel and the recoil is fast and strong, and a bit different from gas operated semi autos. With some practice though, one can learn to make extremely fast follow up shots, and put much more lead in the air than would be necessary except during a foriegn invasion :) If you stick with 2 3/4" shells you should have no problem managing the recoil. Some of the 3" magnum 000 buck and 600gr. slugs that I put through my gun were punishing and left some pretty bruises.

I have been very pleased with the gun although I was a bit upset when the rear sight fell off (the bolts sheared off). Although on the plus side, it was fixed under warranty for free, even though the rear sight was lost somewhere in a field in MN.

>Who sells the Benelli M1 ENTRY at a low price?

I purchased my M1 Tactical from

http://www.lisc.net -make sure to email to get the lowest price, it was $50 less than just calling in.

You could also try
I have ordered some accessories from them and they have extremely good service.

I drooled over the entry model for a bit, but actually use my tactical as a multipurpose gun and like the interchangeable chokes. If length isn't that big of an issue to you, you could save some money and put up with an extra 4.5". You could always buy the shorter barrel down the road if you need a shorter weapon.

Hope this helps.