View Full Version : Bamaboy (17) wins a stage! story no pics

February 19, 2013, 09:37 PM
Hey, we had a club match again this weekend and bamaboy and I went. I had a new pistol, and might as well have been throwing rocks. I couldn't think straight either, and messed up all around.

But....bamaboy won a stage. Three yds, draw and shoot, 2 rds.."deadmans draw" the boys time.....1.12 seconds, zero points down. Closest time to him was 1.20......I shot it in 1.24. And then I totally blew the following stage!

But...the kid won a stage. When the results came in that night on line, he set a record for rebel yells and vertical jump too.

Oh yeah, he greased me in total score also!