View Full Version : Lyman Turbo 2500 Ultrasonic case & parts cleaner.

February 18, 2013, 09:10 PM
Product review

Lyman Turbo 2500 Ultrasonic case & parts cleaner.

Went to Cabela's last weekend, and my son wanted a case cleaner. I was looking for brass & primers..nada (as usual)
Son came back to me with a Lyman 2500 , and a bottle of turbo cleaner. $145 later we left the store.
Tonight , we cleaned a bunch of deprimed 30-30 brass... mixed up about a quart of distilled water & tablespoon of cleaner.. hit the heater button let it sit for aboyt 10 minutes. Dumped in the dirty brass, and chose 260 seconds wash time.
The cleaning water turned noticably dirty. We removed and shook dry the cases, and they looked spotless...
very impressed for not a lot of $$$$.. it does buzz and hum, but nowhere near as noisy as a vibration tumbler.

very good product IMO.
Lyman sells different types of cleaners for steel, stainless. and jewelry.