View Full Version : Entry level light and laser?

February 12, 2013, 09:08 PM
I want to get one of each not because I really need it but just because I am having a little bit of fun dressing up an old 22. What would you recommend? Also on a side note I am thinking about putting a light on a mossberg 500, could the same light for the "toy" gun be used for a HD light?

February 12, 2013, 09:38 PM
no such item as an entry level unit. Either it's 100% or crap. surefire, streamlight, crimson trace or lasermax or what to go with. Anything else you get what you pay for (junk)

February 12, 2013, 09:44 PM
Which model of surefire would you recommend for somebody on a budget? Same goes for a laser. Like I said I just want one so that I could try it and see if it would be practical for me to own one or not.

February 13, 2013, 01:45 AM
You could get a Streamlight TLR-2, light and laser in one. I have the TLR-1 which is flashlight only. Great light.

February 13, 2013, 10:06 PM
surefire X-300 or the streamlights listed above