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February 10, 2013, 09:37 PM
Long story shorter I got my first 45 Colt last year and started having second thoughts about the .38Spec +P FBI load for CCW about ten minutes into my first trip to the range. I looked at the Charter Arms Bulldog in .44Spec. I looked at a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan. I looked at a bunch of small lightweight DA's in .44 magnum. I took my micrometer to the gun counter along with my J frame and put my J frame snubbie side by side with a .45 Colt Derringer.

Then one day I saw a Cimarron Thunderer in a glass case and knew I had found my answer. SA 45 Colt, birdshead grip, 3.5" barrel. I shopped around a bit and ended up with a Ruger New Vaquero, 3.75" barrel, birdshead grip, 45Colt. No holster.

I dunno how many places I have looked, but I ended up making my own holster this weekend. Donor was a triple K model 114 right hand for Ruger SA and similiar, 4.75 to 5.5" barrel. First order of business was to lop off the OWB leather I didn't need - leaving an ear to keep the hammer spur out of my belly skin, and trim the muzzle end back to fit my 3.75" barrel. Three or four stitches in the new end to keep it from unsewing itself....


Then I cut a strap off the extra to my needs OWB leather to make a belt loop...


Next up was finding where the gun rides now. With all the leather wrapped around it, it doesn't fit inside my belt quite the same. The main thing for me was to sit on something real low, I think I used an ammo can with my butt about 8" off the ground and my boot soles flat on the floor. I can't comfortably carry this any deeper because I don't want to give away mobility.

Once I knew how deep into my pants I could place it, then I dummied up the belt loop and got my pieces marked.



February 10, 2013, 09:38 PM
Stitching was a pain in the neck. By the time I was done I figured out I could squeeze the holster to make it wide enough to get a needle in an out, but by then I was committed. I started out by just lacing all the stitches in loose but leaving enough slack I could run the needle through one layer of leather at a time. Once all the stitches were in both rows, then I took all the slack out.

This is after all the stitches were in, one row tight enough to trim off and then take all the slack out of the second row...

One trip to the range already, I made a point to pick up spent brass left by others from all the usual comfortable positions, and driving is no problem because I trial fit on a seat closer to the floor than my truck seat is. Make sense? Any way, it is higher than I would have liked, but any lower I'll feel it digging into my leg sometimes.

With my shirt tucked in it looks like this.


And with the same shirt untucked, it looks like this.

It does print a little. With baggy shorts I'll make a point to wear a baggier T shirt in the future. In jeans or similar with just an open flannel shirt, possibly a vest, I am golden even in jurisdictions where printing is a big no no.

August 30, 2013, 11:59 PM
Since I couldn't edit my last post in this thread, I went ahead and checked the box to bump it rather than start a new thread.

I am still using this holster, but the stitching came loose in June or so, so I have been carrying it for a while with no belt loop. The leather tends to stick to the steel when I draw it with no belt loop holding the leather back.

The tag end of leather I left on there to keep the hammer spur out of my belly skin is brilliant.

I did sew the strap back on once, but I have found I can wear it a lot lower than originally stitched.

When I have a different belt loop design that has lasted more than four months I'll bump this thread again with pictures.