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December 29, 2000, 05:21 PM
Shot trap for the first time today at the local gun club and I think I'm hooked. That was the most fun I've ever had with a gun. I used my 18" barrelled/ghost ringed/synthetic stocked/tac slung Benelli M1S90. She sure looked out of place next to everyone else's gun. But she shot 15/25, 17/25, 17/25. On the 4th round, I got to try one of the rental guns, a single shot break open with a 28" vent rib bead sighted barrell. Sweet. 18/25. It had a more natural "swing" and feel than my Benelli.

Anyway, I have some questions I hope someone can help me with:

1. Does anyone know of a source for trap barrells for the M1S90? I looked at the Benelliusa web page, but couldn't find anything. I think it would be more economical for me at this point to just change out the barrell than to buy a new gun for trap.
2. If I did find a replacement barrell, would the rear ghost ring get in the way? How would I remove and replace it?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Dave McC
December 30, 2000, 09:14 AM
The correct answer to #2 is a definite maybe...

What works for me for wingshooting(including clay games) is a sight picture with as little in it besides the target as possible. Peep sights run counter to that, not as much as rifle sights, but are still intrusive.

You've a coupla options here....

First, leave the peep and front sight on, use it, have fun and accept the fact it's not the best setup for that game. A minor payoff might be the funny looks you get from the Wine and Brie consuming Perazzi toters(G)....

Second, get another bbl and remove the peep every time you want to shoot flying stuff. Be advised there's no guarantee you'll keep your zero.This can work, but I regard it as a bit of a PITA.

Third, buy another shotgun, same make and model,with a bead sight, and shoot flying stuff with that one, and the familiarity and standardization of "Feel" and controls means practice with one is nigh practice with the other.
This is how I do it.It's the most expensive option, but you end up with a better setup and a new shotgun.

Fourth, get a "suitable" clays gun of any make, model, or style you like and have fun. Downside, no standardization, upside, you try out different things and see what works for you.

December 31, 2000, 09:41 AM
If your Benelli is your HD gun then you get more out of shooting it as is. Dave McC's suggestion of another gun if you want to take up the sport makes sense. You could then brag about shooting a brace of Benellis. :D

As for looking funny, a few weeks ago a squad of visiting shooters signed up for a round of trap at a local club. These guys were all using short barrel HD-type guns, much to the dismay of the "serious" shooters. A complaint was made. The range operator for the night bluntly responded that they were using legal guns, legal loads, shooting safely, paid for their rounds, and had as much right to be there as anyone else.

Dave McC
December 31, 2000, 09:55 AM
Thanks for the backup, PJR. I wonder what was the problem with those guys objecting to HD shotguns on a clays range. After all, it didn't affect them at all.

A short bbled, bead sighted, open choked 870 makes a great quail,woodcock or grouse gun.

December 31, 2000, 08:44 PM
Thanks for the replies, fellas. After some research, it would seem the best bet would be to get a dedicated gun for trap. Not a big deal, just thought that if I could use my existing gun with a different barrel, that would be an economical way to go, especially for someone just starting out. Thanks again.

Dave McC
January 1, 2001, 10:05 AM
You were right, GGG, it is an economical way to go. IMO,when going for a hunting/clays shotgun, matching up the brand/model will keep things standardized.

The combo packs sold by the makers with the slug and vent rib bbls are an effort to do exactly that. Many folks, tho end up getting a second gun vs just using the extra bbl. The bbl on my bird 870 was gotten for another shotgun, but when I decided to use a cheap rebuilt receiver and build an 870, it got "redirected".

January 1, 2001, 12:00 PM
Dave McC

It seemed some of the target shooters were concerned with the "appearance" created by the HD gunners and camo on their trap and skeet ranges. They are what you correctly referred to as the wine and chardonnay shooters and it did my heart good when they were set straight. There is sometimes elitism is clay target sports and I think it discourages new shooters.

I feel this way because my first round of trap was shot with an 18" Remington 870. The guys at the club (not the same club mentioned above) were friendly and taught me how the game was played. No one said a word about my gun even though it was pretty evident a short-barreled cylinder choked gun was not the ideal choice.

I went in search of a longer 870 barrel with choke tubes. I ended up in a local chain store that had a 28" 870 with three chokes going at a price only slightly higher than a replacement barrel. I shot that gun for a couple years until I decided to go with a gun specifically made for trap. That's why I think the second gun is a good idea because if you decide to upgrade you can sell it or use it for trade-in and still have your HD gun.

Dave McC
January 1, 2001, 12:37 PM
%^&*( elitists, PJR. I wonder if any of those folks objecting to scary looking shotguns has ever taught anyone to shoot they weren't related to, ever donated game meat to the homeless, or wrote to a pol about keeping the 2nd Amendment intact. IME, all hat, no cattle....

And yup, some of them can outshoot me.

I saw the same sickness a couple of months ago during the hunter sight in at my range of choice. My deer 870 with the flat black stock, mag extension,etc, sat in the rack while I helped the range folks a little,and I saw a bunch of disapproving looks from folks with "Prettier" deer guns. One even asked me if I "Needed" all that mag capacity. My reply was that the extension added weight and stabilized the bbl, and I was running approximately 1 deer taken for every 1.10 shots fired,for the last decade, but he still seemed unconvinced. After I shot, I made sure he saw my target with its nice tight groups. His bolt action Savage slug gun w/ scope was barely putting them in the same Zipcode.I made sure by taking it over and showing him(G)....

Been thinking about setting up a clays gun, using an 1100 as a base, and adding a full length mag extension,(call it 10+1) and going down to Pintail Point for a round or two of clays and 5 stand.PP is the kind of shooting preserve and clays course that has more BMWs and Volvos in the parking lot than P/U trucks.