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number 9
February 7, 2013, 12:00 AM
I'm putting together a new bolt gun and have a couple specific questions.

#1/its a savage short action 10-fcp-k. I am planing on going with a Nikon Monarc gold 2.5x10 w/30 warren rings. The question I have is should I get the 20moa rails? The scope has 80 built in. Does anyone have experence w/ this setup?
#2 Also I am looking for an old school leather adjustable sling. Something unbelievable durable
#3 of course I have to have a case that will doublebag two guns with room to spare. A color option here would be a fine option

Greetings and happy shooting

February 7, 2013, 03:39 AM
Need a caliber and how far you want to reach out to determine if you 80 will get you there or of you need the extra 20. The extra is for when your scope won't reach the distance you need when maxed out. I have 3 only because they were the same price and I figured a little extra cant hurt. Guess that's my answer if it costs the same or close a little extra never hurts to have.

Just look for a leather sling, I don't imagine leather has magically gotten to be less durable than it was before.

I like single gun cases because I'm scrawny and two get heavy :-). I have a cheap Plano that will hold two rifles, but with the larger scopes it doesn't really work. That is my only experience and I usually have a bolt gun and 870 in it.

number 9
February 7, 2013, 08:48 AM
Sorry I left the cal and intended use out. Its a Savage 10 fcp-k 308 with a 24 in tube. I have a lr308 black gun that handles all short to mid range task very well, so this will primarily be a range gun.

The lr308 handles the 600 yard duties however I'm looking to go longer. just something I fool with.

The scope will be Nikon Monarc Gold 2.5x10 with a nikoplex retical. It has 80 built in moa and am thinking of using s 20 moa rail.

Does anyone use this optic setup at 100 -600 with the 20moa rail?

Thanks for the interest