View Full Version : Price on used 870 Wingmaster ?

AC's & 45's
December 28, 2000, 05:49 PM
Is $335 for an older 870 Wingmaster too high ?
I assume it is fairly old . It is marked 2 3/4" shells.
I really don't know when these shotguns were first chambered in 3". No Rem Choke. Shows quite a bit of use, but doesn't seem to have been abused too much. Also includes an extra barrel although I didn't see it.

Personally I think it is kind of high since I can buy a new 870 Express for $240.

Dave McC
December 28, 2000, 06:53 PM
I don't keep my finger on the market pulse, after all I've got some. But, that does sound high. Last used Wingmaster I saw here had really nice wood,NRA Excellent condition and a 28" vent rib bbl with a fixed Modified choke, 2 3/4" chamber,and $225 was the asking price, I think.

Extra bbl, say a slug bbl and/or a Remchoked one, add $75-100 at most.

For bunnies, HD and casual clays,a 2 3/4" chamber is fine. As far as I'm concerned,3" chambers are nice for waterfowl and turkey, stuff where a big payload or steel is a good idea. Note I didn't say required.

As an example, back when I was patterning turkey loads, one of the better ones was a 1 1/4 oz Remington load of 6s. It beat out those 1 7/8 oz arthritis inducers.My pick, the Remington Duplex 4X6, beat it by a narrow margin.

And, I'm out of them now, but a great Mallard load for me was an early steel load of #2s, in the short case. It was a Western shell, and I wish I had a case or so...

A 3" chamber is nice for versatility, but there's lots of shooting fun to be had with the old 2 3/4" jobs.

December 28, 2000, 07:35 PM
I paid $139 + tax for mine. It has about 75% blueing and the wood had a few dings and scratches.

December 28, 2000, 08:23 PM
Well I paid $399 for a wingmaster in 98% condition. It is a magnum and has great wood with no dings or scratches. It came with a 28" CT barrel with rib and a 20" rifle sighted barrel. The gun has no dimples on the mag tube and has a flextab installed.

I thought I paid maybe $50 too much but the gun ws in such great shape I couldn't pass it up.

Your gun seems a little high.With only 2 3/4 chambers and no CT. Depends on what the other barrel is?

Geoff Ross

December 28, 2000, 11:59 PM
I think for a 12 that price seems high . 5 years ago I sold a 16 ga 870 wingmaster that was 95-98% a early seventy's make with a deep blue finish and great wood 28"mod & 26" imp barrels $350. for all. I cried for a day and a half after it was gone, then I went out and bought 2 brand new 12 ga 870 expresses for $410. one for each son.