View Full Version : Holster by Braids, Initial Review

January 26, 2013, 02:04 PM
Just got my holster from Braids! Here are my initial impressions.


The holster is ambidextrous, so the first thing I did was switch the clip to the left side. This was not easy, as the new leather is naturally stiff, but also due to the fact that the spring clip is STRONG! I'm impressed by how strong the spring clip is. I shoved a Sharpie marker into the spring to spread it so I could wiggle it into the leather loop. I also had to use a bit of Saddle Soap to lube it.


Ample muzzle protection:

The holster is rough-side in, which I have not seen before, but I don't know if this is good or bad. I'm not worried about the finish on my LCR so it doesn't bother me either way.


And here's a pic of the ride height, positioned at my 10 o'clock. Note the clip isn't bottomed out all the way on my belt, I didn't notice this when I took the pic. So if I shove it down all the way it'll be a bit lower, but I feel confident that the excellent spring tension would hold it just like this all day if I so desired.


Overall, a very handsome holster that has good retention. The strong clip ensures that this'll stay in my pants when I draw the gun. It is brand new, so I'll update this thread if there's anything notable after break-in and some daily use.