View Full Version : shotgun slugs for bigger game

December 28, 2000, 09:47 AM
just curious, i've reciently shot a whitetail with a brenneke gold 1 3/8 oz slug, and the large buck fell like it was hit with an artillary piece. i was just wondering, would a slug be useful for game larger than big whitetails,
i'm not talking bear, but something in the range of a medium sized elk at 50 yards or so?

December 28, 2000, 11:30 PM
Bullfrog , not only Elk but what about Moose ? I've only hunted deer with shotgun slugs, but if you could get within 50 yards why not ;) Guys huntem with bows, muzzle loaders and handguns. I think that Brenneke slug would pack more wallop.