View Full Version : Should I buy an SKS now?

January 21, 2013, 10:34 AM
I got the impression that most of the panic was focused towards AR and AK rifles yet the SKS are being snatched up.

I've had my eye on an SKS after a successful hunt with a borrowed one before this craziness but then prices shot up.

I finally have the chance to purchase one but will the prices go down you think? or will they be unavailable later?

Your assessments please.

Alabama Shooter
January 21, 2013, 11:46 AM
Standard SKS rifles are not on the ban list legislation.

January 21, 2013, 12:03 PM
Sure, go ahead. Good deer rifle, home protection and general shooting. Even better if you can get the SKS that takes AK mags.

January 21, 2013, 12:12 PM
Go ahead, it is a nice rifle. These days it is better to get it before it is banned, and the first part of any ban is never the last part ... trust me!

January 21, 2013, 12:20 PM
stock SKS are not covered by the proposed ban but the SKS can easily be modified to take higher capacity, quick detachable magazines which given the hysteria, probably means that once a person has given up trying to find the usual suspects turns to one that can be modified to do most of the scary stuff that they can which the SKS does quite well. I bought mine for $239 at the height of the scare, the same shop still has them for that price, if you shop hard enough you'll find a shop somewhere that values it's customers enough to refuse to gauge like the rest of them, gunbroker is full of SKS for not great but not horrible prices.

January 21, 2013, 07:21 PM
Price - yes that's my greatest concern right now. I have the chance to get one online at around $400 when all is said and done including FFL transfer. Believe it or not, the prices from a FTF sale are typically worse in my town.

I feel like my options are:

1) buy now. Either prices go down later and I kick myself after the scare is over

2) wait and my online source may dry up (I don't like doing auction sites) either prices don't go down or they do and I buy then.

I also have a suspicion that those who bought an SKS when it is expensive won't want to sell it cheap in a FTF deal.

January 21, 2013, 09:17 PM
The prices are going up on the sks too! The norinco M & D's are getting pretty popular and $$$$$$. SAMCO global arms has nice sks's from what I've read. I ordered a "new condition" yugo sks from them a month ago(399) and they still have not shipped so you will have to wait. now that same gun is $70 more.

January 21, 2013, 10:22 PM
SKS will cost you around $400 + - and ammo is going up fast

January 22, 2013, 12:57 AM
You will be lucky if you can find a SKS now & if you can you will pay big bucks $$$ for it. As far as ammo for it 7.62x39 good luck finding it. I have a SKS sporter with the thumbhole stock that takes reg ak mag not the duck beak mags. I am thinking of selling it. I have got this SKS new the day before the AWB in 1994. I only have like 300-500 rounds in it.(have to look in my log book) still have the two 5 round mags that came with it. Its a great shooter & gun but I have a few SKS'S & AK 47's & 74's & live in PA so I don't shoot it anymore really. Maybe now would be the time to sell it. Don't know. Have ammo to go with it also. I need to make room in the safe anyway to much stuff in there.

January 22, 2013, 01:36 AM
I don't think there are big numbers being imported anymore, so it's not likely they're going to get a whole lot cheaper. $250-300 seemed to be about the lowest pre-panic prices, and $400 isn't a bad price for some specimens, especially in the current market. They will always be around though, too many of them in circulation to go away. Might get a bit cheaper but might not.

Wish I had bought several when I bought mine 8 years ago.

January 22, 2013, 10:54 AM
IMO, prices that go up have a problem ever coming back down all the way. Doesn't matter if it's gas, guns or other commodities. When SKS's were $100 everybody screamed when they jumped to $200 under Clinton. The scare on em subsided and we saw some price drop but we never saw $100 SKS's again (the odd "deal" not withstanding). Same with AK's, mini's, etc etc. So if you're wanting any gun today you're gonna pay an inflated price but to be realistic the odds of seeing prices drop back down to what they were 6 months ago is slim.

Up 100%, might see it down to only 50% in a few months. Then again, maybe not.

As for the SKS specifically? No way in hell would I spend the money they wanted for em 6 months or a year ago let alone the panic pricing you see on em today.

January 22, 2013, 11:27 AM
I doubt that the SKS prices will ever come down all that much, The rifle is not in production anywhere that I am aware of so supply will not increase.

Unless a huge cache of SKS rifles is let loose on the market, then it's going to cost whatever the going rate is.

January 22, 2013, 11:43 AM
The value of a sks is going to be a big question mark. They are going up in price because for one important reason you can easily and quickly load 10rd stripper clips faster than you can swap out a 10rd mag(if a 10rd mag cap becomes law) stripper clips are not a automated feeding device and hence the sks might be very ban friendly. Just take at look at the price of sks stripper clip they are going up up and up everyday. I bought a 1000 clips for pennies each now they are hitting $1 a clip. When i go to the range i can carry alot of ammo on clips and they take up no room at all in my range bag. If you have a sks buy stripper clips they are going to be $$$$ if you wait. 25cents to $1 a stripper clip $20-$30 for a 10rd mag a no brainer. The guys buying sks for $800 most likely live in a state that is under the threat of a high cap mag ban. The sks is gold to them they are driving up the prices.

The Great Mahoo
January 22, 2013, 08:32 PM
I've long wanted an SKS, but its been down on the list, so to speak. I kept putting off the purchase for when I had more money or I just wanted something more when I did have the cash. I went to a gun show this past weekend and the average price was about $500. Makes me wish I had laid out the $300 at the previous show 2 months ago. :(

One day....

January 22, 2013, 08:44 PM
I remember years ago when my local gun shop had crates of sks's and was selling them for $89 :(

January 22, 2013, 08:51 PM
Yep. Me, too.

I bought 5 of 'em.

January 22, 2013, 10:12 PM
^ Those were the good ol' days, when they had Mosin Nagants for $89 too, and AK's were $300. :(

January 23, 2013, 09:38 AM
When all is said and done, the prices will come down.

Most have little to no "collectible" value- so their worth should be determined relative to modern fireararms.

Depends if you really have a "need" now, or don't mind waiting.

Although I can't get one now, eventually I will be able to get something along the lines of a Mini-14, or an AR (yes...) for $700-$900 after the hysteria and hype subside. So- why would I buy a minute of barn door SKS for $500??

Me, I've got enough confidence that, while some changes may take place in the areas of registration, or even high capacity mags, that semi-autos will not be affected. All the guys buying that either don't really need them, or are stockpiling- at inflated prices...will be looking to unload them at a loss when the markets normalize. May take a few months, or many months, depending on how long this is debated by Congress, but my money is on the end result of very little changing.

Despite a very partisan and far-left Inaugural speech, there remains a system of checks and balances that our President grudgingly acknowledges- which will stop him in his tracks.

Ignition Override
January 23, 2013, 04:15 PM
The number of SKS pages on Gunbroker more than doubled in the last week, from four to nine pages.

Despite many people wanting a scalper prices for theirs (maybe cash for a glamorous AR after the panic cools?), there were at least several listed or bid up to about $350-425.

If we consider that back in early '08 many prices were $300, the SKS is a steal right now, compared to any fairly similar semi-auto sporting gun.
And with a $50 Tech Sight (No perm. alteration required), the accuracy might surprise people.

Watching "Brandon401401" or "hickok45" in a free stance, hitting a gong from o 200/300 yards in a free stance with their iron sight AK, imagine the SKS' potential.

January 23, 2013, 04:51 PM
So- why would I buy a minute of barn door SKS for $500??

Sheesh. My Yugo 59/66 is every bit as accurate as my ARs.

January 23, 2013, 05:14 PM
I have to respectfully disagree with you Tobnpr. Regardless of what the President or congress does its the media and far left anti-gun people that are pushing for this. I keep saying this over and over a State does not need congress or the President to enact anti-gun laws just take a look at NY or ask ANY gun owner on this board who lives in NY what just happened. They have been "gutted" and it had NOTHING TO DO WITH CONGRESS they don't need to wait for Fed laws they can act on their own. You can bet the farm that if someone farts with a AR it will be on the news. The million dollar question is "where do you live" is whats going to matter and how your local goverment will react to media and anti-gun hysteria. SMART people are hedging their bets on buying a sks because it is "ban friendly" if you live in a state that MIGHT go to a 10rd mag or the possiblity that our goverment just might pass a 10rd mag law the sks will and does make sense. IF it does come down to a 10rd mag I would rather have a rifle that uses 10rd stripper clips then a bulky ar or ak mag that you can only put 10rds in. It kinda negates having a magazine. My wife can fit 30rds of 7.62x39 on sks stripper clips in her purse if she wanted too. Check out how much a sks stripper cost right now they are up to $1 a strip.

January 23, 2013, 05:18 PM
If you find one with a milled receiver grab it.;);)

January 23, 2013, 05:34 PM
I have. Now just sit back and see all the tactical and aftermarket stuff that they will start to make for the sks now that half the counrty is buying them they can't build 922r parts fast enough! TAPCO is king for now lol

January 24, 2013, 06:58 AM
All the SKS's have milled receivers ... The Russian 1950's sks are much nicer firearm then the later models . Around 1956 57 Russian stopped manufacturing but it seems they were providing parts for the Chinese SKS .
I have 2 Russian and a early Chinese and it has Russian parts that are factory serial numbered .
I also have a 100 dollar Yugo shooter and its a great beater gun , too bad the days of cheap military guns have gone away .

January 24, 2013, 08:01 AM
don't you find the 7.62x39 a rather anemic cartridge? What will they penetrate deer hide and teeshirts? I guess, if you are comparing it to 223?

January 24, 2013, 08:06 AM
"don't you find the 7.62x39 a rather anemic cartridge? What will they penetrate deer hide and teeshirts? I guess, if you are comparing it to 223?"

You bad bad man ;)

January 24, 2013, 08:46 AM
If you can find a good deal on one, by all means get one. However, I did read an account of an LGS in Texas selling an SKS for $975, and that is way too much. The other problem is in getting 7.62x39 ammo. It just isn't readily available right now, and when it does come in, it is bought up rather quickly. You almost have to be in your LGS as they stock it on the shelves, in order to get any, because it goes that fast.

If you can't find a good deal on one, I would wait until the panic dies down. They will be available for a long time, because so many were imported into the US.

January 24, 2013, 10:21 AM
I don't feel there worth the asking prices on sks rifle , they were actually the cheapest 7.62x39 for the longest time .
The 5.45x39 was a great deal for the modern day 1080 rounds for 129 a few months ago , as the Rifleman said cost and finding ammo these days is the problem .
I have cut back on shooting anything I can't reload .

January 24, 2013, 02:10 PM
don't you find the 7.62x39 a rather anemic cartridge? What will they penetrate deer hide and teeshirts? I guess, if you are comparing it to 223?
um.... where did this come from? it's not the latest and greatest but it has compareable ballistics to 30-30 with is the all time best selling medium game cartridge around. lighter bulelts yes but it is fully capable of taking blackbear on down.

January 24, 2013, 02:19 PM
yes milled receivers on sks. I had my mind on AKs.

January 24, 2013, 02:55 PM
I think he's trying to be funny Tahunua:D

January 24, 2013, 06:19 PM
I think he's trying to be funny Tahunua
ahhhh... OK, sarcasm is wasted on me :D

January 24, 2013, 07:58 PM
Prices on SKS rifles are not coming down in the short term. The trend started in 2012 (http://www.gunstockmarket.net/sksMarketReport2012.php), and the volume of sales at the "new normal" (http://www.gunstockmarket.net/sales.php?firearm=3&searchwords=&excludewords=&partial=&qstitle=SKS Open Listings) confirms that the general gun buyer (not collector, yet anyway) is accepting the new price level.

January 24, 2013, 08:27 PM
Actually, they'll drop LIKE A ROCK as soon as it becomes evident there will be NO "AWB"...

Even Biden backed off- today, as matter of fact...

As Dear Diane did her dog and pony show.

It will be a matter of months, not longer. And the guys that stockpiled SKS's (and just about everything else) will be dumping them on the market because they need the money for something else...

Let's see, these were $800 a few months ago.
Now, there's fools that'll pay 50% more, for one with a busted stock, and "limited hardware"..


What the heck is "limited hardware", anyway? No sights??

Man, the guys over in Russia are laughing all the way to the bank.

A fool is born, every minute. Just like the guys paying $150 for a brick of 50 year old 54R surplus...

As far as the "state issues" go... the states are bound by the Second Amendment.

It will not be long, post Heller, before a lawsuit is filed challenging the constitutionality of NY's behind closed doors, middle of the night fiasco...

My money says that if I just wait a bit, and don't buy guns or ammo I don't really NEED, they'll still be there just a few months from now, and many for 50% or more less than what they're selling for now.

Time, will tell...

January 24, 2013, 11:10 PM
I had an SKS, then I bought an SKS-M. I sold the SKS when got rid of my collection rifles. The SKS-M is likely to go this weekend. I imagin it will fetch far more than I paid.

January 25, 2013, 12:04 AM
"where did this come from? it's not the latest and greatest but it has compareable ballistics to 30-30 with is the all time best selling medium game cartridge around. lighter bulelts yes but it is fully capable of taking blackbear on down. "

I know i wouldn't go off with with a sks after black bears around Maine. I'd rather take a marlin with 170 grains, then i'd feel a lot better off with 5 in the tube than whatever in the stripper. the 30/30 will kick butt over the sks round, it is no contest. it is a wimp round, only meant for non-armored humans and light skinned deer. :}

January 25, 2013, 12:16 AM
the 30/30 will kick butt over the sks round, it is no contest. it is a wimp round, only meant for non-armed humans.

Well xnaerughiazk if you think this to be true then grab a 30-30 go to 200 yards and get shot with a x39 round. I bet after that happens you will change your mind.

Just remember there have been lots of people all over the world that have been killed with the 7.62x39 round. Doesn't matter if it was shot out of an SKS, AK or a bolt action.

Ignition Override
January 25, 2013, 12:44 AM
It is inspirational to watch both "Brandon401401" and "hickok45" on their Youtube Channels hit small gongs from over 200-300 yards with iron sight AKs in a Free Stance.

With well-developed skill, how about using an SKS with a Tech Sight, which can really improve accuracy?
Most shooters don't seem to realize this benefit, or that the adjustable version for the SKS costs about $50 and is easy to install.

Many of those who say "Commie junk this" "Commie that.." either don't have the skill, or must justify the extra heaps of cash they spent on a trendy, chic rifle.
Hollywood and other media have brainwashed even huge numbers of gun owners into being anti-AK (or SKS), which only furthers their gun-control agendas...

January 25, 2013, 09:58 AM
I just picked up a tech-sight I keep hearing good things about it.

January 25, 2013, 11:36 AM
Well xnaerughiazk if you think this to be true then grab a 30-30 go to 200 yards and get shot with a x39 round. I bet after that happens you will change your mind.

That's my point, thin-skinned humans. :D

January 25, 2013, 03:23 PM
hog hunters don't seem to have much trouble x39, hog skin and black bear are very similar in thickness

January 25, 2013, 03:43 PM
The sks was not intended for hogs pigs bear goats whatever. It's a battle rifle.

January 25, 2013, 05:54 PM
It is inspirational to watch both "Brandon401401" and "hickok45" on their Youtube Channels hit small gongs from over 200-300 yards with iron sight AKs in a Free Stance.

The 7.62 x 39 suffers the same lousy balllistics as the .30 cal rounds from the AR platform...not enough case capacity to push these bullets much beyond 100 yards before they start dropping like a rock.

Sure, you can hit at 200- with over a foot of bullet drop.

Larry Vickers did a show comparing the .223/5.56, the 7.62 x 39 (AK), and the .300 Blackout...

The .300 Blk and the 7.62 x 39 (ballistically the same round) both dropped a foot from 100 yards to 200... He said there was no reason to even try 300 yards, as they had planned.

So sure, you can hit anything if you arc the barrel enough. But getting close to volley fire to hit at a few hundred yards just isn't what the round was intended to do. I love the AK platform, my son's is a two minute gun and he'll hit a 200 yards. Best hope the wind isn't blowing...

January 26, 2013, 12:49 AM
I will admit that the 7.62x39 is not the greatest round out there by a long shot. But some people seem to think it hits a brick wall at 200 yards. Why I have no idea.

Yes it does have considerable drop. But the sights on an AK or SKS are made to take that into account. I guess that means that 5.56x45 or .223 if you will won't kill anything bigger than coyote's.

We all have pet rounds and guns. Some of us like a little recoil, some a lot of recoil. So let's just let each other use what we want and go on from there.