View Full Version : P.P.C. Revolver for IPSC?????

January 20, 2013, 03:20 PM
Hello Everyone!

I'm new to "The Firing Line", this is my first post.

I've a OLD, .38/.357, S&W, 581, P.P.C. revolver with a heavy Eversull barrel and a Aristacrat sight rib.
(Shot P.P.C. many, many.....many years ago!)

The holster is a open front model and I have 8 speed loaders and two speed loader holders for my belt.

I'm wanting to compete in a local IPSC match in the revolver class.

I'll probably run 158 gr. swc at IPSC power factor at the matches.

Would it be legal to use this gun in the revolver class in USPSA/IPSC matches?


Jim Watson
January 21, 2013, 09:25 AM
USPSA has hardly any limitations on revolvers. It looks to me like you are in good shape. See for yourself on page 84 Appendix D6 at

Are you going to load Specials, that 158 at 792+ fps for Minor power factor or Magnums (or Specials +P+) 1044+ fps for Major? I suggest the former.

January 21, 2013, 09:27 AM
Are you in the USA?
USA matches have different rules than the rest of the IPSC world.
Unless the match you attend is specifically run under IPSC rules, USPSA rules are followed.
But either way, do you really care, for your first match?
The worst that can happen is you will be put in the Open class.
No harm, just enjoy the match.
Just be sure your holster covers the trigger guard and securely holds the gun.
And definitely read the rules beforehand so you don't get disqualified for something.

January 26, 2013, 03:33 PM
Jim W.,

Thank-you for posting.

I had referenced the 2010 USPSA rules prior to my posting here at TFL.

It says, "Optical/electronic sights not permitted."

Where I'm confused the most is if the P.P.C. sight rib is allowed or not since it's not a stock S&W iron sight set-up.

Doesn't say, so I guess I'd be good to go.....

I'm guessing the USPSA rules committee never considered some "goof" such as I showing up to shoot a P.P.C. revolver!

Weather permitting, we'll find out at next months local IPSC match if the R.O.'s will put-up with me shooting through with this P.P.C. revolver or not!


g. willikers,

Thank-you for posting.

Yes sir, U.S.A.

A few months back I shot at the local IPSC match using my 1911.

Had a ball!!!!!

There was a couple of other shooters at that match using revolvers (S&W 625's), and I'm honestly alittle more comfortable with a revolver than I am a auto, so I thought I might jump over to the revolver class for the fun of "lots of reloads!"