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December 27, 2000, 07:25 PM
Dear All:
Harley suggested I post the following. Hopefully someone can assist. Thank you in advance....

I have a 1873 model Winchester, Ser.# 143267A, cal.44-40, octogon barrel, brown patina, pistol grip checked stock inletted with ebony. Stock is golden walnut. Rear sight covers model designation and is a folding raised peep. Front sight is is a folding raised brass circle with a post reticule. Behind the trigger is a small set screw for pull adjustment. When stock is removed the tang has "XX" 1335r stamped in the metal. Inlet of stock has the same markings.General condition is excellent with no scratches or dings.Lands and grooves have no rust or pitting. The rifle has been in our family since the 19th century. Does it have any significant value??

Thank you for your assistance.

Alfred Eigenberg
Lt. Col. USA-Ret

December 29, 2000, 10:13 AM
All original 1873 Winchesters in anything resembling decent shape or better command several hundred dollars nowadays. They can go upwards of a couple thousand dollars. Don't know if yours is all original or not. That could greatly affect the value. Go to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center at http://www.bbhc.org (Firearms Museum, P.O. Box 1000 Cody WY 82414, 307-587-4771) to find out how to get a letter about your particular '73. The Cody Firearms museum at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center will send a letter stating the factory information it has (if any) on a particular firearm for a fee. I did this several years ago on my '73. It can add value to the firearm as this is generally considered factory authentication.