View Full Version : Leon Saved Me $45

Alabama Shooter
January 20, 2013, 10:21 AM
To celebrate gun appreciation weekend I stopped in Anniston. It was like Walmart at Christmas time. I was looking for a partner for my other service grade that I had purchased several years ago. I wanted one that would be a bit nicer looking (not an old oil drenched stock) for display purposes and I needed another anyway to make sure to have two to pass along to each of my boys some day in the way distant future.

There were no base level service grades in stock, none. The "Special" grades were awful pretty. I did not realize that they were made with new barrels and other parts. Essentially they are new guns with old receivers. I picked a 0/0 out and took it to the counter. Leon insisted that I go back and get a "service grade special" for a side by side comparison that he would walk me through. This despite there being more than 100 people in the store, many waiting. I figured if he cared that much it must be important. I went back and found 1/0 that looked in great shape.

After showing me that it was readily apparent that even with the original parts were so lightly used as to not make a bit of difference between the two. He insisted that the collector value would be much greater, they shot exactly the same and heck it was $45 cheaper. So that is what I left with.

Not much else to the story, at least not till I get to shooting. Anyone else have an Anniston story to share?