View Full Version : Strange Bullseye match today (but good results)

January 19, 2013, 12:28 PM
A combination of wind and clouds made for an interesting match this morning. The wind was 15 mph when we started and the cloud cover made it cold enough for a jacket or sweatshirt (Central Florida). During the match the wind continued to pick up and we had gusts of probably 25 mph by the end.

Despite the conditions, I managed to shoot my best score ever by 10 points using my S&W 17-5 revolver (iron sights), with a score of 811. Slow fire went great (by my standards) with a total of 265 (two 89s and one 87), but the 25 yard portion of the match started off poorly with 88 (TF), 84 (RF) and 88 (TF), and I thought I had blown my chances for an 800. I'm still not exactly sure what happened in those rounds except my sight picture was messed up and I was shooting low. However, whatever the problem, it righted itself in the final Timed Fire (97) and last two Rapid Fire rounds (91 and 98). The closing 98 was a personal best for me in Rapid Fire (target below). I only had 9 Xs, lower than I would have expected (personal best of 14).


Old Grump
January 19, 2013, 07:40 PM
Be proud of that target. It sets a new standard to try and beat and that's a pretty high standard.