View Full Version : rifled chokes vs cylinder bore or improved cylinder for slugs?

December 26, 2000, 11:29 PM
which would get the best accuracy out of a foster type slug, i have a shotgun with screw in chokes, would i be best off leaving no choke tube in, an improved cylinder or finding a rifled choke tube.

Dave McC
December 27, 2000, 08:52 AM
Each shotgun is a law unto itself about this. I do better in one shotgun with a rifled tube, but my HD 870 is chokeless, and shoots about a half inch larger group at 50 yards with its slug of choice. I'm inclined to believe that slug testing will do you more good than getting a new bbl,which should then be tested with slugs anyway.

A comparison seen here before....

HD 870- chokeless 18" bbl. Groups about 2 1/2" at 50 yards from the bench with KO Brennekes, very slightly larger with Winchester Forster type slugs.

Deer 870- Remchoked 20" bbl with rifled tube. Groups close to 2" with KOs, and similiar with that Winchester slug.

Both are set up identically, good triggers and peep sights, mag extensions clamped to the bbls to stiffen them up.BTW, the deer 870 took another doe this year, hit POA at around 50 yards in the field.A short blood trail Ray Charles could follow....

Do NOT shoot a shotgun with tubes, without a tube. You probably wouldn't get hurt, but the thin steel of the threaded portion would probably expand, and maybe tear.It'll definitely ruin your bbl, your day, and possibly you.

Here's what I would do, t'were I thee....

Buy two 5 packs each of the slugs you want to test. Stick to 2 3/4" loads.Use the Big Three, plus both the Rottweil and KO Brennekes. Don a wearable recoil pad like the PAST pad, take a dose of your favorite anti inflammatory, and start testing.Use your best bench rest technique, and take your time.

After firing one three shot group with each slug, compare the results. Discount/reshoot any called flyers, of course. Compare, then fire another three shot group with the best two. Confirm the best with a last group, then go buy as much as you can of that slug, especially from the same lot. Chances are, it won't get any cheaper and lasts for decades if kept clean,cool and dry.

Shoot up the other, rejected slugs for fun, or donate them to a buddy or your gun club.

There's no ineffective 12 ga slugs. just ineffective slug shooters. Make sure YOU'RE up to the task by practicing, and keep your shots close,knowing what your limitations are.

Hope this helps....

December 27, 2000, 11:37 AM
i found this on the Benelli website:
What do the notches on the choke mean?
One = full; Two = Improved modified; Three = Modified; Four = Improved cylinder; Five = Cylinder
What choke should I use for steel shot?
Most people find that the modified choke works best for pass shooting and the improved cylinder and cylinder chokes work well
on decoying birds. Nothing is gained by trying to shoot steel through a choke tighter than modified and we do not recommend
doing so since extended use may damage the choke and barrel.
What kind of oil should be put on my choke?
Several different manufacturers make a choke tube lubricant specifically labeled choke tube lubricant. It is basically
anti-corrosion/anti-seize compound, any lubricant specifically labeled choke tube lube should work
What choke should I use for slugs?
A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth bore barrel. Sabot slugs should be shot through our fully
rifled slug barrels.

12-Gauge using .730 inch as Standard bore l.D.

Cylinder ________________ .730 ________ .000
Skeet-1 ________________ .725 ________ .005
Improved-Cylinder ______ .720 ________ .010
Skeet-2 ________________ .715 ________ .015
Modified ________________ .710 ________ .020
Improved-Modified ______ .705 ________ .025
Maximum-Modified ______ .700 ________ .030
Full ____________________ .695 ________ .035
Xtra-Full ________________ .690 ________ .040
Maximum-Full ___________ .635 ________ .045

my Nova came with 3 chokes

i think the loosest is improved cylinder

is a .01 constriction safe for slugs?

Dave McC
December 27, 2000, 12:26 PM
DZ, yes, a IC choke is safe, and probably quite effective with slugs.FWIW, using an IC tube instead of the rifled tube with the deer 870 and my old duty slug, the Winchester 2 3/4" Forster type, only opened 50 yard groups up 1/2-3/4",if memory serves.

In fact, Forster type slugs with their hollow cup style construction can probably be fired safely through any choke, but accuracy will probably be best with the more open chokes.