View Full Version : Lead build up fro 22 cal conversion on an AR-15

January 12, 2013, 02:57 PM

New to this forum. Recently purchased a 22 cal conversion kit for my Stag Arms Model 8. Noticed that after shooting 22 hollow point there is a build up of lead on the first interior plates of the muzzle suppressor. Less built up progressing to the end of the barrel.

Suggestions for the best way to remove this built up. I try to fire a few .223 after firing the 22 cal.

Thanks for you assistance,

January 13, 2013, 09:06 PM
If the suppressor is one which can be disassembled I have found that a solution of 50/50 household vinegar and hydrogen peroxide will pull the lead away from those plates. A bronze brush will help you along.

Beware. Lead is really poisonous, especially in vapor or solution. Do NOT use any of the utensils used to remove lead in this manner for any other purpose.

This solution is fairly caustic. Use it for a short while and be sure to rinse your baffles very well when done with water. Again, not in your kitchen sink, to avoid poisoning yourself later.

Use thick yellow dishwasher gloves to avoid getting the stuff on your skin or under your nails.

Works great! No warranties expressed or implied.