View Full Version : XS XTI 45° offset sights

January 6, 2013, 02:19 PM

Anyone have these? I have a 1-5 scope on my rifle so I'm covered for when I plan on close shots but like that I could have it turned up to 5 for calling coyotes in the distance but be able to quickly switch to irons for the critters that sneak in and just sort of appear at <100 yds. I realize that these sights will not work well out there far, thats why I have a scope. Tritium seems like it'll be cool too. I have tritium sights on to handguns & really like them.

January 15, 2013, 02:27 PM
OK, bought them. Report:

Mounted to my AR I had to find a happy medium between long sight radius and good cheek weld. My sight radius turned out to be just over 12", I can't use my normal cheek weld but find that just rolling the rifle up my cheek and letting it rest on my cheekbone is effective. I zeroed the sights at 20 yards because there isn't a marked 25 yard target stand at the range. They hit about 2.5" high at 50 yards and 6" high at 100 yds. My groups (from the bench) were about 2" at 25 yds, 5" at 50 yds and a bit over 10" at 100 yds. This would work well enough for coyotes (or what have you) out to 50 yds and two legged varmints at maybe 75 yds. Transition between glass and iron is pretty fast and will only get better with practice. Tririum from sight is pretty slick. I practiced my cheek(bone) weld with the light off and had wife flip them back on; sight allignment was good enough for making those two legged hits at close range (like, one end of my house to the other). Overall I really like these, the sight height could be improved for better cheek weld, but the down side of that would be that they'd stick out farther and be more likely to snag on stuff. In the pictures the scope covers up a lot of real estate. Shooting with both eyes open this is not an issue.