View Full Version : Patent For Remington Model 241 Barrel Tightening Method ?

January 5, 2013, 01:02 AM
Does anyone know if there was a Patent issued for the C.C. Loomis designed barrel tightening method used in the Remington Model 241 .22 semi-automatic rifle (released in 1935) ?

As best I can tell both the (earlier than the Model 241) Remington Model 24 and the (currently produced) Browning Model SA-22 .22 semi-automatic rifles use John Browning's Patents for the basic rifle design (U.S. Patent 1083384 dated Jan 6, 1914) and the barrel tightening method (U.S. Patent 1065341 dated June 14, 1913).

The Remington Model 241 (which replaced the Model 24 in 1935) uses a different barrel tightening method (the rest of its design appears to follow the Jan 6, 1914 Browning Patent). C.C. Loomis (I believe a Remington employee back in the 1930s) is generally credited with changes to the Model 241's design beyond what is in the Browning Patents.

I've got copies of the two Browning Patents which cover the Remington Model 24 and the Browning Model SA-22 rifles and am looking to find if there is a third Patent that I should be seeking (that being for the Model 241's barrel tightening method).