View Full Version : Quick product review, John Masen Black Warrior muzzle brake

December 30, 2012, 02:58 PM
John Masen #: 1438B

Despite online sales descriptions, this brake is for the mini14 581+ series rifles. So if you're holding out because it says it won't fit your new mini, don't worry, it will.

The fit was perfect, finish is a little flat but rubbing with oil took care of that.

It's an aggressive looking brake and adds several inches to your barrel. So if you're into shortness you may think about it.

The best thing is that the rifle makes really tiny groups now. I thought I was seing things as I approached the target. When the weather improves I may post some pics of a group.

The main reason for getting this brake was because of the mini14's tendency to be slightly unruley due the enormous op-rod. Finding a target after a shot was a little weird. I am happy to say that this rectified that issue plus the added bonus of really tight groups.