View Full Version : Talk me out of a Remington 750 Woodsmaster

December 28, 2012, 07:14 PM
I was all set to buy a AR-10'ish rifle, funds stashed and everything... then :mad:
So I started to look back at where I started.. the Remington 750 Woodsmaster, but many seem to frown upon it... why, exactly?

I'll shoot maybe a 100 rounds a year through it.

December 28, 2012, 08:59 PM
If you want a dedicated hunting rifle with minimal aftermarket support then I say go for it.

This hubbub will die down eventually, and even if it doesn't the 750 will still be around.


December 28, 2012, 09:42 PM
Semi's in 30-06 are limited as to which rounds they will feed reliably. A bolt gun will cost less, weigh less, have a much better trigger, be more accurate, more reliable, and shoot loads that will choke the semi or possibly be dangerous in it.

In real world hunting getting off fast repeat shots is WAY over rated.

December 28, 2012, 09:44 PM
Get a Browning BAR on .308 or .30-06, much better, much more accurate rifle.

Alabama Shooter
December 28, 2012, 10:00 PM
A hunting rifle? A hundred rounds a year? Rifle buying panic spree?

Woodmaster all the way.

December 29, 2012, 08:25 AM
CMP M1 Garand all day long. It will be more reliable, more durable, as accurate and have tons more aftermarket support than the Remington. 5-shot clips can be had for hunting.

Heck, you can convert it to .308, scope it, have it shortened and adapted to M14 mags if you want to. Plus, the resale value is more than you paid.

Mine is a beautiful example of a late Korean-war Springfield and I'm happy with it just the way it is. Milk jugs at 150 yds. are easy.

December 29, 2012, 08:33 AM
I have a Rem 742.I bought it in 1973.
Great gun but it's not a target gun and these
days it's dang heavy.
I shot it enuff to get familiar with it (yrs ago)
and after that , a few rounds a yr to make sure
it's sighted in.
These guns won't take a lot of shooting.
Keep it clean, and oiled and it will last a lifetime
of hunting.
If you want a target/hunting rifle, go to a bolt.