View Full Version : reloading and the semi auto shotgun.

December 23, 2000, 04:49 PM
i like to reload a 12 ga hull until it cracks at the top, and they feed fine thru my mossberg 500 pump, but i am worried about relability in a semi auto. are semi auto's any more ammo sensitive than a pump?

December 23, 2000, 06:44 PM
You need to have shells that generate enough pressure to work the action. The actual state of the shell itself probably doesn't matter as long as you have good crimps and the brass is resized. I've fired some ratty looking hulls in my Beretta A390 and an 11/87 and they worked fine.

December 24, 2000, 10:05 AM
My autoloaders are more sensitive than my pumps with regards to hull condition. For hunting I only use my best hulls. For practice, informal clays, and varmits around the house I re-reload hulls until they will no longer hold the shot. A Win-AA with multiple splits will contain 1 1/8 oz of #4 rather well. Missing petals mean a slug hull.

My autos are more likely to spit shot out of a hull split than my pumps. Probably because of a more violent trip from the mag to the chamber. Those pellets floating around in the trigger group have tied up my shotguns in the past, #9 - #7 1/2 seem to be the worst.

I have yet to have a failure to feed or chamber.