View Full Version : Interesting long guns at the carbine match

Glenn E. Meyer
December 2, 2012, 02:20 PM
We had an IDPA pistol or carbine match. Shoot pistol or rifle (I shot my 1911).

The majority of guns were 223s - AR-15, M4s. Some AR pattern 9mms. A few AK pattern of different kinds.

Interestingly some folks shot 10/22s in standard patterns with extended mags. I have to try that. I have one. Need the mag.

The interesting guns were a FN FNAR in 308 and a classic Steyr Scout rifle.

The FNAR is big and loud (glad for muffs and plugs). It was quite fussy and did jam quite a bit. Rounds didn't eject.

The Steyr was a neat gun. Since it was bolt action and scoped, to make up for the time disadvantage, the user had to shot one shot but it had to be a head shot. Didn't know that rule.

Since it was a game - those big guns were fun to watch. They would be a pain (IMHO) in a tight house as compared to a handgun for movement around things (yes, they are really for the safe room - just a comment). At closer distances, pistol shooters are as accurate as the rifles. Long distances, the rifles were better - more zero's than 1s and 3s.