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November 24, 2012, 03:49 AM
I'm currently actively serving in the US military

I was wondering how this could affect me being able to register an rifle as an SBR.

I was considering having my parents who live in Arizona (which allow the legal possession of SBR and other NFA firearms) to be signed in on a gun trust so that they too could legally hold onto my rifle in the event I'm stationed in a state that forbids me from possessing a rifle or I happen to be deployed.

Ultimately, I'd like to know if this is possible and a wise thing to do. Currently I'm stationed in Utah, but I'm almost guaranteed to be deployed at some point in my career.

I'm early in my career which has me staying on base in the dorms, and seeing as I cannot have firearms in my place of residence (I'd have to store them in the armory) how would that also affect my registration?

The only alternative I can see is that I find someone who I can trust off base, and register them as being on the "trust" so that they too could be "In possession" of the rifle until I can find a place of my own off base or simply keep it in Arizona with my family who would be on the "trust" anyway.

Don H
November 24, 2012, 11:18 AM
BATF has an answer for you:
Q: If an individual is changing his or her State of residence and the individual’s application to transport the NFA firearm cannot be approved because of a prohibition in the new State, what options does a lawful possessor have?
NFA firearms may be left in a safe deposit box in his or her former State of residence. Also, the firearm could be left or stored in the former State of residence at the house of a friend or relative in a locked room or container to which only the registered owner has a key. The friend or relative should be supplied with a copy of the registration forms and a letter from the owner authorizing storage of the firearm at that location.


November 24, 2012, 03:22 PM
Thank you very much, that cleared up a lot of the problems :)

David Hineline
November 26, 2012, 11:13 PM
Also in the case of a short rifle, a 16" barrel or longer can be put on and taken with you and used in your state of no NFA.

Of course if you are in CA it would be one of the most restrictive states.

My daughter by my advise checked her guns into the Armory at MCAS Yuma, while she was out of the dorms within 3 months, it took 18 months to get her guns out of the armory. Keep them off base stored anywhere safe.