View Full Version : Shotgun light dilemma. Why do they stick out so dang far??

November 17, 2012, 10:28 PM
So here's my dilemma. There are millions of different shotgun light mounts abound. Some big, some small, some cheap plastic, some CNC-machined rail-laden masterpieces to be had, integrated into the foregrip, what have you...

So, here's the question.
How come there aren't any low profile mounts? I have a 590A1 with an 18.5" barrel, and I carry it in a scabbard when it's used. However- any kind of shotgun mount that protrudes from the side of the gun will snag on the draw-holster, and sometime's I'll wear a backpack over it (surprisingly comfortable, oddly enough) and that mount will no longer make that pleasant. :o. Also, it having the short magazine tube, there's no purchase to mount a little quick-mount that hangs underneath, which I would be fine with... I have also seen the integrated foregrips, they just seem way too bulky and complex for their own good. I may end up with one, but I would prefer to have the light outside of the foregrip.

I remember someone mentioning this somewhere- adapting a mag tube extension that mounts a small integral light within (preferably a single CR123 with a HP LED). So that got me thinking- I have access to a lathe and welder, I can make the housing to mount such a light just fine- the problem is, I cannot find any sort of light that size that has some sort of push button, to either use it or have a pressure paddle that can override it, they all twist to turn on. However, I don't want to get too invested into it and find out it's not all that useful when you have to twist on this little flashlight up front through a little access slot, etc.

So- what would you recommend? Have any of you found a cool low-profile mount that you really like (or like the idea)? I would really love to NOT develop some intricate flashlight mechanism purely so I can carry the dang thing on my back instead of my shoulder :rolleyes:

November 18, 2012, 01:26 AM
It would probably be easy to make one. Take a 1" hole saw and drill two holes close together in a block of hardwood, then cut off everything except what's between the two holes (leaving a piece of wood that's concave on both ends) and use hose clamps to mount a 1" flashlight under the barrel. Paint the whole thing black to make it look "tacti-cool."

November 18, 2012, 03:03 AM
That's not a bad idea, making a little spacer like that. i just want something that i can yank the barrel off at any time without needing some tools to make sure it'll come free.

I've got a few machine tools at my disposal, so I was thinking it would be simple to buzz the end cap's taper off flat, weld on a piece of steel tube that accepts the flashlight (with grooves in it and the flashlight so it stays put- a threaded end to hold it tight, and a little access port that I can run my thumb along to turn it on and off...

The thing is-I'm just too lazy lol :rolleyes:. I'm hoping that there's something nifty out there that seems to work well. If I do end up fabricating something, I'll keep everyone in the loop.