View Full Version : Another happy Streamlight customer

Chief Brody
November 9, 2012, 10:46 AM
Just received and installed my new TLR-1. Package deal of the light and Streamlight's own mag tube rail mount from OpticsPlanet, $115. Very happy with the results. Installation was easy. One little note on that, the mount's grip on the mag tube (before you add the nuts and screws) is so tight that turning the mount to adjust it can actually loosen the mag extension tube. Use a flat screwdriver to open it up a bit and you won't have an issue there. The controls on the light are great, very easy to use with my left index finger. Very bright, white light. It perfectly lights up the front bead sight, great to see that.

So, until I get an XS big dot sight or perhaps a new barrel with tritium rifle sights or something, my HD gun is complete - But, it'll probably be left as is for a while. Fully loaded, along with the S&J detachable side saddle, there's 13 rounds of Fed #1 LE FC Buck at my disposal, a very bright light to say Hi, How Are Ya? and great jumbo head safety. Lovin' it.

I'll take some night shots with the light as soon as I can.