View Full Version : Spanish La Coruna large ring mausers

October 31, 2012, 05:19 PM
Buying a Spanish La Coruna large ring mauser with no stripper guide or thumb notch. I have a FR8 and famalier with M43 La Coruna mausers but have no idea about the no thumb notch (commercial?) version. I know M43s were last built in 1957. How about the commercial version? When was it last built? Is it C&R? Don't find it in ATF C&R list and have no luck in Google search. Is it so called Santa Barbara mausers? Does it take K98 parts? Thanks.

November 1, 2012, 10:26 AM
La Coruna M1943 Mausers were produced for the commercial market and sold as Santa Barbara Mausers well into the 1960s. They are actually very nice Mauser actions, better finished and made than many other "desirable" actions. They are in all ways a Mauser 98, and will take standard Mauser 98 parts. One of the big hits against them was the trigger assembly, a weird design that extended under the rear guard screw and was held in place by stock pressure. The La Coruna facility stopped producing Mausers for the military in 1957 and commercial Mausers sometime in the 1960s. I suppose by now, virtually all Spanish Mausers are C&R eligible (maybe not listed, but eligible).