View Full Version : Stevens 87D Won’t Feed

October 27, 2012, 09:17 PM
Guess I got burned – again. Picked up a nice looking Stevens 87D semi-auto 22 at the gun show. Got it home, did some research, followed breakdown instructions to clean and oil. Not very dirty but extremely dry. Re-assembled bolt, tested action, everything seems good. The operation of this rifle is unusual, the bolt stays back until the trigger is released.

Not wanting to put another hole in a wall, I put five plastic 22s in the tube and cycled the bolt. Eased the bolt back and the chamber was empty. Cycled the bole again, still no feed. With the bolt back I can see the orange bullet in the bottom of the feed mechanism.

Removed the inner magazine, four orange bullets slide out. Can’t find the fifth. Not on the floor, not in the rifle. Remove the barrel from the stock and the fifth plastic bullet falls out.

More research and more examination. There’s nothing to bring the bullet from the tube to the chamber. The schematic shows a lifter, which is in place complete with spring. But there is nothing on the lifter that touches the bullet. I’m wondering if someone put the lifter in backwards.

Does anyone know if the “tail” at left in drawing goes toward the muzzle or the butt? I’d like some opinions before I go messing with a spring that is no longer available.

March 31, 2013, 09:38 AM
After 7 months at the gunsmith's shop the old Stevens Model 87D loads and fires. The lifter was installed backwards. This isn't much of a rifle but it shoots very well. No mis-feeds and very accurate.