View Full Version : GSG .22LR Ak47, how is this rifle?

October 23, 2012, 08:53 AM
Just curious really, this rifle caught my eye at my local FA dealer

I was wondering how accurate and reliable this rifle is, would this be an ideal training rifle to get used to an AK style rifle?

I own a GSG 1911 which is of superb quality and wonderfully accurate out of the box, but I've never held nor shot any of GSG' rifles.

Does anyone have some experience with this rifle they'd be willing to share?

October 26, 2012, 01:56 AM
Had a GSG5 "HK-94". Fun shooter, but horribly over-engineered BCG/firing mech. The BCG is held together with multiple nuts/bolts and fits inside of a cosmetic alloy shell.

These nuts/bolts get loose - the gun becomes a major PITA. The barrel is pretty much a barrel liner, in turn fitting inside an alloy sleeve.

Much like the Umarex/Walther .22 "EBRs" - these GSG "EBRs" are a great concept; a cosmetic shell of anything you can desire - HK416, M4, AR15A2, AK, MP5SD, Stg-44 - holding a firing mech inside. It's just that the firing mechs are awfully squirrelly at times.

That said; the GSG AK47/22 is an out of scale AK shell with the infamous GSG "mech box" inside.

If you want an affordable-to-shoot .22 AK - look for a WASR22, M&M M10/22, or AKT-98. All are the real-deal, PURPOSE-BUILT blow-back AKMs chambered in .22LR.
When tuned, fluffed/buffed - they run with the best of them and most importantly, are 922-exempt imported AKMs.

My WASR22s...